Our People

Board of Directors

The Meath Board is made up of successful business and health-care professionals who come from a balanced mix of disciplines and industries to ensure that their combined experience and knowledge is of greatest benefit. Board members generously donate their time to Meath Care and receive no benefit from their appointment.

Board Member Committee Membership

Michael Lee OAM - Chairperson

Ted Wilhelm - Treasurer

Dr Jenny Rogers

Clory Carrello

Abe Ashbil

Andrea Mitchell

Tony Parker


Executive Management

Olive Wright - Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Asher - Director Aged Care Services

Beverley Muir - Director of Corporate Services

Senior Management

Christine Busby - Retirement Village Manager

Ellen Zhou - Accountant

Marina Grassick - Admissions Coordinator

Toni Jones - Project Manager

Jade Knight - HR Coordinator

Dee Luckheenarain - Project/Property Manager

Treacy Meyer - Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Facility Management - Kingsley

Carol McCourt - Facility Manager

Shelley Bognar - Clinical Systems Manager

Facility Management - Como

Jasvir Erice - Clinical Systems Manager

Vision & Mission
At Meath Care we are committed and believe in our vision, mission and values in order to provide the best possible care.
Meath Care has a longstanding history in Western Australia and has been dedicated in providing outstanding aged care services since 1972.